The newly elected chairman of the Florence County GOP, Bill Pickle, conducted a special meeting of the Executive Committee following the regular monthly meeting Thursday night (27 January 2011). He let everyone have their say who wanted to speak and also expressed his own views.

Then the “original motion was found to be out of order and therefore any motion following that motion was also out of order.” As I noted in my previous blog, these motions were improper in the first place, thus null and void.

Dr. Neal Thigpen and Mal Weatherly will receive letters from the party, although both have already received apologetic phone calls from Bill Pickle – and I hope from the offending parties, the motion-makers.

Neal and Mal have agreed to officially resign from the balance of their 2009-2011 terms. Of course both are eligible to attend the upcoming precinct reorganization meetings and to be re-elected, if their precincts so desire. I hope they will attend.

Thank you, level-headed, good-sense Republican friends! And special thanks to chairman Bill Pickle, who has a big job ahead of him this year.