If you ever read Tapister, one of my other blogs, you know what I think. Follow the money. Follow the power.

Tapister includes news articles that interest me. Articles about power struggles in the Middle East: Iran, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

Articles about drought, floods, fires, and famines. About food shortages and skyrocketing food prices. About natural and unnatural disasters. Multiple major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and oil spills; increasing oceanic temperatures and decreasing oxygen levels. Worldwide atmospheric changes; economic troubles on a global scale.

Articles about scientific and technological discoveries and inventions, capable of wonderful beneficence or horrifying malevolence. About quantum mechanics. The Hadron Collider and nuclear physics. Hubble, NASA, astrophysics.

News articles and opinion pieces that intrigue me are those that could have a relationship to New Testament end-times prophecies.

Afghanistan won’t go away. Military-industrial interests drive this war. Follow the money. Follow the power. Follow the pipelines.

Read the current Tapister entry for two interesting articles, and check previous Tapister entries for more.