Meet “Friday,” (named by the vet), my new super-shy, timid or fearful kitty.

He’s about a year old and was a rescue cat, having been hit by a car and suffering several cracked bones. The vet said he should be completely recovered in another few weeks but he actually seems to get around well now. The lady who found him paid for his care.

As you can see, he is hiding behind the loveseat in my little front room, as usual. Although he looks crowded in these shots, he actually has plenty of room back there. He comes out to eat and use the litterbox during the day (I hear him), but stays in that room and only ventures into the living room after I go to bed at night.

According to what I’ve read online, patience is the key to socializing him, along with frequently talking and using his name, offering food treats, and petting him as he allows – which he does from time to time.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.