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The Atlantic magazine online has an article by Jeffrey Goldberg with this title. (See http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/09/the-point-of-no-return/8186/.) It’s about when or if Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities; well worth reading.

Even before I found that essay, I was thinking about the title… in a considerably more grim scenario.

What is the point of no return for human life to survive on earth? What are the parameters for human life to exist on this planet, in the first place?

So much of this element, so much of that… this range of temperatures, this percentage of drinking water, this percentage of food. How much is too much fire? Smoke? Water? How little is too little food? How hot is too hot? How cold is too cold? How much rain is enough, how much sunlight?

How much order is enough, so panic-stricken, starving populations don’t kill each other? Who provides it?

Who stops the earthquakes? The volcanoes? The rains? The heat waves? The droughts and famines? Who dries the floods? Politicians can’t. Scientists can’t. Philosophers can’t.

If you can’t agree on what’s happening, you sure can’t agree on what to do about it.

The parameters for existence and for survival are very narrow. They are certainly known in the scientific community, but not publicized widely. Too boring? Too frightening?

Reasons to Believe is a good website with tons of scientific data on this and other topics, presented by authorities who are both scientists and Christians: http://www.reasons.org/.

The fact is, there is no other habitable planet to escape to, even if there was some way to do it. No space-going ark, no time to build one.

Human beings have squandered the only planet in this galaxy fit for human life, and laughed at those of us who believe the Bible. We have been instructed, and warned, and given many chances to get things right here, then told plainly what will happen if we don’t.

And we haven’t gotten it right. Fires, floods, droughts, famine, starvation, warfare, strange signs in the sky are happening everywhere, and we have nowhere to go to start over. It’s long past time to pray.

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