No, I haven’t switched parties. I still support every Republican candidate for office on the 2010 ballot except for this one, and hope to see many of you at future party events.

However, I have known Ed Clements for many years and know his character, his qualifications, his positions on the issues, and his accomplishments in the office of 12th Judicial Circuit Solicitor. I gladly endorse Ed Clements for reelection as Solicitor.

Please check out Ed’s website, www.reelectedclements.com and read about his viewpoints and his record as 12th Judicial Circuit Solicitor.

Recently I was privileged to sign a letter of support as one of the coordinators of Republicans for Clements. This letter was addressed to many Republican voters in Florence and Marion Counties. Excerpts are posted here: Republicans for Clements letter.

From the letter: “It is also important to note that Ed Clements has always tried to set the right example for our community by running a totally positive campaign. In this age of negative campaigns and attack media, Ed’s positive approach is refreshing.”


FYI: Because of my public support for a candidate of another party in a contested election, in accordance with the South Carolina GOP Rules I have had to resign from office as Secretary of the Florence County Republican Party and as Committeeman for Delmae I Precinct.