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Merryman Sims House, from The Simsville InheritanceI read a great deal, state and local newspapers, magazines, international news online (especially pertaining to the Middle East), and novels – spy stories, political and murder mysteries, mostly. Depending on current events, I research, study and pray.

I go to movies such as Inception, and Salt, and of course the latest in the Twilight Saga. I watch TV movies and regular shows. White Collar and Burn Notice are favorites for the summer.

And when not doing all that, I write – this blog, plus a few other things:

http://tapister.wordpress.com News articles from an end-times perspective
http://estherspetition.wordpress.com Bible studies, meditations
http://speakingofheaven.wordpress.com Thoughts and views of heaven
http://bettesjournal.wordpress.com Miscellaneous musings
http://defendingblade.wordpress.com Novel with historical background
http://www.bettecox.com Main website; includes serial novel titled The Simsville Inheritance

Simsville needs another chapter written; Defending Blade needs another one uploaded (the complete novel was finished a long time ago). Need to get to work on those soon.