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The primary election is over but the battle certainly is not… a run-off will take place in two weeks here in South Carolina and the campaigning will go on until then.

For the record, my choices have not changed for any of the offices. Those who didn’t win in the primary will be in the run-off, and I still wholeheartedly support them.

After that day the candidates may take a well-earned breather, maybe a whole day, before they gear up for the general election.

Will the voters take a longer breather? Will they take the summer off and “vacation” from politics until November? If they do, they will regret it.

Because there is a bigger battle going on than the visible one with TV ads, bumper stickers and yard signs, a battle for the future existence of the republic as we know it.

Over the years I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Some folks fight hard for a little while, then when it looks like they’ve won a skirmish they tend to sit back and rest a spell. We simply can’t afford to do that this year.