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Haiti earthquakeI have a blog called “Esther’s Petition” where I write Bible studies, meditations, etc. for myself and anybody else who comes across it. When I “preach,” that’s usually where I do it.

But I’ve read a variety of opinions about why the earthquakes have struck Haiti with such destruction this week – first 7.0, then several smaller aftershocks, and today a large 6.1. Hundreds of thousands of people have died or been injured. The capital of Port-au-Prince is in ruins. Help and helpers are streaming in from around the world.

God’s judgment? Natural causes? Here’s my opinion.

Human beings have a stubborn enemy who hates us. All of us. Doesn’t matter what religion we believe, or if we believe in any. Doesn’t matter what our cultural or economic status is. We’re human, we occupy this planet, and that’s reason enough to hate us. He is particularly offended by believers in Jesus Christ and potential believers in Jesus Christ.

Think of him like an attractive, murderous con man, one who is so convincing, so persuasive in his approach and arguments. He will keep you entertained right up to the moment he steals everything you own, and then kill you if he can. America has had its share of human con men in the last decade; remember how they operate.

Murdering thousands in an earthquake, or hurricane, or volcano, or flood, or drought, or disease – that’s just what this personality does. Persuading human beings to murder other human beings? He also does that, if he can.

I don’t blame God for what is happening to Haiti, or anywhere else. He’s tried to illuminate us, warn us, educate us, train us, lead us. I pray God’s rescue, his mercy and compassion for Haiti and the multitude of other people who live on planet earth. I pray rescue with food and water, medical care, shelter, rebuilding, comfort, consolation, and reconciliation with Christ for those who need it.

“Judge not, that you be not judged,” Jesus said in Matthew 7:1. But in John 7:24 he said, “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” We should read that first verse in context, the whole passage. Use your head and heart, your common sense.

Well, I’m not judging when I say that the enemy of our kind – human beings – is trying to sink Haiti into the sea. I’m simply encouraging you to join me in requesting God’s help in rescuing, comforting and restoring the people who are desperately hurting.