deer02Skyline Drive runs throughout the length of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, with visitor centers, campgrounds, hiking trails and overlooks spaced out along the way. Looking for a good spot for photographs, we drove into one of the campgrounds that also had cabins overlooking Shenandoah Valley.

deer03We pulled up in front of one cabin and Harold got out of the car to take a few photos. Suddenly a doe walked out of the woods, right up to the car. I softly called to Harold to turn around and look behind him, and there she stood. He tossed a small piece of a cracker to her which she patiently nibbled away, then looked up and waited for more.

deer05Despite the fact that signs are posted throughout the park, “Please don’t feed the deer,” it’s pretty obvious that people do. This was just one of many deer we saw in the parks along Skyline Drive and all of them seemed very tame. They are protected by federal law from hunters.

One afternoon we came up on a string of cars stopped in the road, both directions. A deer (with antlers) was strolling slowly right down the center of the white line, crossing the road at a long angle. People in nearly every car were hanging out of their windows snapping photographs. He wasn’t fazed in the least, just slowly made his way on across to our side a few cars ahead of us. By the time we got close enough for a photo, he had turned his back to the cars and was making his way on into the woods.