Michel-Suleiman_0Fars News: Iran, Lebanon Destiny, Interests Interlinked

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday underlined that Iranian and Lebanese destinies and interests are intertwined. Speaking to Lebanese president Michel Suleiman on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session, President Ahmadinejad urged expansion of Tehran-Beirut relations.

“…Iran and Lebanon have common enemies…”

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With all the news this week – the UN General Assembly in New York, the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, next week’s 5+1 meeting in Europe, (the five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany), the announcement about Iran’s “new” uranium enrichment facility located beneath a mountain near Qom, Friday’s Muslim Prayer Rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, the arrests in three cities of terrorist suspects – why did I pick this one to highlight today?

I read online newspapers and blogs from around the world and today I began reading a new one, Fars News Agency, one of the online Iranian newspapers. I found this short article and immediately took notice.

For years people have complained that Syria and/or Hizbollah really controls Lebanon. There have been multiple and repeated attacks on Israel from Lebanon, just as there have been from both ends of Gaza.

Now we have Iran declaring that Lebanon and Iran have common enemies, and that their destinies are interlinked. I find that – in light of Iran’s nuclear ambitions – fascinating and troubling indeed.

Consider also who the current President of Lebanon is: The following is from the Lebanon online news site yalibnan.com, May 2008 when Suleiman became President of Lebanon:

“Here is a brief Bio of Army chief General Michel Suleiman:
Age and date of Birth – 59; Nov. 21, 1948.
Education — Graduated from Lebanon’s military academy as second lieutenant, 1970; holds bachelor of arts degree in political and administrative sciences from Lebanese University. He masters English and French languages.
Experience — Commander of armed forces, December 21, 1998-present; commander of 6th Infantry Brigade, 1996-98; commander of 11th Infantry Brigade, 1993-96; army staff secretary-general, 1991-93; chief of intelligence branch, 1990-91.”

Military through and through, as well as intelligence branch.