In National Review Online yesterday there was an article in the Corner section well worth reading. The following excerpt was called “Obama’s eight month reign of terror” in a Powerline blog update – although the author actually titled it “Dealing with what has come.”

“I thought Barack Obama would be a poor and troublesome president. Did I think he would yuk it up with Hugo Chávez, smirk with Daniel Ortega about the Bay of Pigs, turn his wrath on a Central American country trying to follow its constitution, denounce President Bush abroad, bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, endorse a radical Middle Eastern view of how Israel came into being, knock Western countries that try to protect Muslim girls from unwanted shrouding, invite the Iranian regime to our Fourth of July parties, stay essentially mute in the face of counterrevolution in Iran, squeeze and panic Israel, cold-shoulder the Cuban democrats in order to warm to the Cuban dictatorship, scrap missile defense in Eastern Europe, and refuse to meet with the Dalai Lama — in addition to his attempts to have government eat great portions of American society? No, I did not. You?”

Click here to read the entire article.

I have a new blog, by the way. Inspired by news articles I’ve read lately that seem to jump off the page (or computer screen) at me, I call it Tapister.