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I like news. Real news, not what passes for news on most TV networks nowadays. Although I still read several print newspapers daily, I also read a great deal of internet news from around the world. (See a list below.)

Of course, you always read the news through a personal filter, no matter who you are and who you read. And you need to add a filter of suspicion, considering possible agendas of the news media and their sources as you read.

But there is so much going on that will affect the United States and especially will affect Christians, it pays to stay informed. Billy Graham said that Christians should “pray with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other…” I agree.

On September 10 I tuned into the live “Inside the Revolution” webcast (see www.insidetherevolution.org for information) and took notes during the discussions between Joel Rosenberg and several others, particularly Lt. General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, founding member of the Delta Force and former Dep. Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon; Tom Doyle, former pastor, now with E3 Partners and a licensed Middle East tour guide; and Dr. Hormoz Shariot, former Iranian Muslim and now a Christian pastor (known as Iran’s Billy Graham). A taped interview Joel had done with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, was included in the program. The interview was done before “Bibi” became PM of Israel but was very timely.

The focus of the program was the current political and religious status of Iran. Excerpts shown from a DVD of the same name were eye-opening. The DVD can be ordered online from the website.

I thought I’d share a list of who I’ve been reading online this weekend. Some are websites, some are blogs. Some are newspapers, some are news magazines. The list varies daily and I open links on many sites and read specific articles, so the following won’t be exhaustive, just a current sample…

Washington Post
Council on Foreign Relations
Sky News
Conservative Outpost
Fox Breaking News
CNN Breaking News
Karl Rove
Glenn Beck
Jerusalem Post
Moscow Times

Here’s an article from today’s Aljazeera online news, about the American Tea Party rally in Washington, DC yesterday: Interesting that the Arab world is watching all this, too:

Here’s another one, also from Aljazeera, about Vladimir Putin’s possible return to the Presidency of Russia. Are we surprised?

Well, I think that’s enough to give you an idea of how I stay informed. There are a few more that I’ve browsed, but I’ll save that list for some other day.