putinThat’s the title of an article by Scott Anderson, political investigative reporter and author, that appears in the September 2009 issue of GQ – Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

The day the American issue came out, I went and purchased a copy of GQ, despite not being a “gentleman.” Why did I buy it? Because of this NPR article:


GQ doesn’t want anyone in Russia to read Anderson’s story – thus it won’t appear in the overseas versions of the issue. It doesn’t even appear on the cover of the American version. It doesn’t appear in the online version either. What are the editors being so paranoid about?

“Ten years ago this month, Russia was rocked by a series of mysterious apartment bombings that left hundreds dead. It was by riding the ensuing wave of fear and terror that a then largely unknown VLADIMIR PUTIN rose to become the most powerful man in the country.”

The article lays out a compelling case for Vladimir Putin being responsible for those bombings in the first place, just so he could indeed rise to power. It is a powerful story, one I wish everyone could read. Drop by Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble and get yourself a copy.
Okay, the article has made it to the blogging world, both in Russia and the US. Just do a Google search and it will be easy to find. Or click here for one site carrying the article. http://tinyurl.com/mju84k