Sick computer

Sick computer

… computers are great.

Last Thursday afternoon my computer crashed, after giving me very few problems for a number of years.

First thing Friday morning, I took it in to the repair shop for a checkup. The nice repairman found that the hard drive was fried and I needed a new one.

Most data was not recoverable, he said. Bummer.

However, since I use a “My Book” (large external hard drive) for backups, I knew all was not lost. Several weeks of miscellaneous photos and other files weren’t backed up, but they weren’t critical.

The situation was certainly aggravating, but certainly not a disaster.

So, I had a new mega-giga drive installed, brought the baby home Monday afternoon and set about hooking things back up, mouse, monitor, printers, keyboard.

My internet keyboard refused to work. Have you ever tried to do anything without the keyboard? My trackball mouse worked just fine, but no keyboard. I unplugged plugs, unconnected cords, replugged, reconnected, and still nothing. Had it fried too?

Eventually, after doing all the above several more times and leaving the computer turned off a few minutes, the keyboard began to work.

Well, of course the next thing to connect was My Book, naturally. Here’s where big problem #2 cropped up. The computer didn’t recognize it, couldn’t seem to “see” My Book. Same problem as with the keyboard.

This time, nothing I did worked. I began to see real disaster in the making.

Putting that task aside for the time being, I set out to re-install my normal working programs. After some programs installed without a hitch, big problem #3 raised its ugly head. Some other programs would simply not install from the original CD’s.

They were old, granted, but they had been properly registered all those years ago and regularly updated since then, so what was going on? I went online to check this out.

I learned that some companies had changed hands, the new company did not support the old software, etc., etc. There were no Q&A’s that addressed my situation.

After a lot of research, I realized I would have to acquire new versions of some critically important software.

Back to My Book. I awoke yesterday with a new idea floating around in my brain. Try plugging it into a different port… so I did, and it worked.

The port I was using may or may not work with something else, that remains to be seen, but it simply wouldn’t run My Book. At least I have my backups, what there are of them, accessible again. Much relief.

Well, one time-consuming thing after another has occupied me for the past two days, and I still have several programs to try to install. Family Tree Maker is one big one yet to go.

But at least I can work and play computer games again, which I plan to do as soon as I make a cup of coffee.