nkoreanshipThe North Korean ship Kang Nam is being monitored by the UN and US Navy, specifically the USS John McCain destroyer. As I write this, the destroyer is being positioned to interdict the N. Korean ship if necessary.

The reason? The weaponry cargo that ship may be carrying, cargo the UN says North Korea cannot ship / sell / transfer to other parties. Nuclear components, or biologicals, or chemicals.

Meanwhile, intelligence sources around the world and especially those of Israel are monitoring the volatile situation in Iran, where the current hard-line extremist President has supposedly won “reelection” and is supported and endorsed by the supreme leader.

Protests by the opposition, even though he is another hard-line extremist, are being met with violence by government forces. And the everyday citizens of Iran are getting fed up with the religious fanaticism that actually runs the country, and more and more voices are being raised in favor of actual reform.

Back here in the USA, the steady march proceeds toward government take-over of banking, housing, automative manufacturing and health care, while the unemployment rate has continued to rise to record heights despite the mega-gazillion dollar stimulus that was going to prevent that.

(Of course, those gazillion dollars had to be borrowed from China and elsewhere, since the US is broke. What was put up as collateral, do you suppose?)

And then there’s the unprecedented natural phenomena, disasters and diseases.

So, which of the foregoing is the distraction from what is going on, really? Any of them? None of them?

I think all of them are distractions from the fact that planet earth and its population are undergoing major stresses that soon will reach the point of no return.

I’ve been reading John Hagee’s book titled “Jerusalem Countdown.” It is five years old now but it might have been written yesterday. John Hagee and Joel Rosenberg (author of “Epicenter”) specialize in end-time events and their books are well worth reading. Studying, underlining and praying through.