President Harry S. TrumanMisunderstandings. Hurt feelings. Jealousy. Malicious gossip. Dirty dealing. Innuendos. Lies.

“Desperate Housewives?”

No, politics as usual. President Obama et al are quite good at instigating those, right down to the local level. But the opposition has always done that, nothing new there.

What is sad is when political brothers (or sisters) behave that way against each other, as has been happening recently on the national – and even on the local – scene.

Unfortunately, when you choose to work in the public arena, you paint a target on your back, like it or not.

Here’s a thought: whether in family, career, or politics, an invaluable asset is a strong jaw – one able to keep its mouth shut when provoked. It takes two to make a fight.

President Truman’s career was thoroughly and continually marked by controversy and criticism, yet his accomplishments – notably getting us out of WWII and helping Israel become a nation after the war – outweigh the negatives, I think.

Not afraid to make tough decisions (no matter what his enemies and sometimes his friends said about it), he summed it up this way:

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Good advice to all of us these days.