Orion Nebula photo, by Hubble telescoope

Orion Nebula photo, by Hubble telescope

This new Hubble image of the Orion Nebula shows dense pillars of gas and dust that may be the homes of fledgling stars, and hot, young, massive stars that have emerged from their cocoons and are shaping the nebula with powerful ultraviolet light. Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Robberto (Space Telescope Science Institute/ESA) and the Hubble Space Telescope Orion Treasury Project Team.

Two-dimensional people are flat, dull, and uninteresting. To say someone is two-dimensional is to call them shallow and insult their intelligence. Nobody wants to be considered two-dimensional, really.

I tried to read up a little on dimensions yesterday. Not the two-dimensions, three-dimensions type, the measurements of size and shape that we learned in grade school, but the time-space type. You know, alternate realities, different-existences-other-than-my-own type.

The last time I tried that I got a major brain freeze, mostly because I needed to go back thirty or forty years and start reading all the math and physics available first, right up to the present.

There are lots of scientific theories out there about this subject. Many varieties of scientists and physicists have studied and written about it. If you have enough background information I suppose you might understand the simplest of the simplified versions of one or two of their hypotheses. I don’t have that background.

However, I do know of two dimensions, alternate realities existing in our own time and perhaps even in our own space. I have a personal theory about how they intersect, and how someone human could move freely between the two and survive.

What started this line of thought was a peculiar website I came across while googling “Orion’s belt” recently. Orion is a constellation or group of stars known as the Hunter. Orion’s belt is mentioned in Job chapter 38, in the passage about God putting the dominion of the entire universe here on the earth. Orion’s belt refers to three of those stars that seem to line up in a straight line, forming the Hunter’s belt.

Well, God seems to have chosen this puny little planet earth for his future headquarters so if he wants to run the whole universe from here, why not.

But I was curious about the several constellations mentioned in that Job passage, so I googled them, and discovered http://openSETI.org in the process — the Open Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

This website discusses the SETI project operated by the United States and other groups of individuals and contains many links to articles about supposed extraterrestrial life. Some of what I read there sounds like the rantings of madmen, but some of it sounds quite reasonable.

The home page states, “Open SETI advocates the use of every research discipline and the study of every category of organic and inorganic activity on earth and anywhere else within our view, as a full response to the rich evidence of our involvement with other intelligence – evidence that we have already seen.”

I did not read everything available from that site and probably never will. However, as a Christian I certainly believe that extraterrestrial intelligences have indeed visited earth, lived here and communicated regularly with ordinary human beings. The main one thought it up, designed and created it, and he can come and go as he likes.

If other people want to take the long way around to discover him and develop a working relationship with him, I wish them much success. It’s a fascinating process and relationship well worth the effort.

I think I’ll keep thinking about dimensions, the two I know of, and who knows how many others that I don’t know of – yet. Eternity is a long time, if time is the right word, and there will be plenty of it to explore and discover dimensions and other things in the years / centuries / eons ahead.