Commodity Online
From Commodity Online news, May 22, 2009: “Are you watching the dollar? Maybe the unwinding of the dollar- based paper money system is coming sooner than we expected. Yesterday, the dollar fell again – now it costs $1.37 to buy a euro. And if you want an ounce of gold, it will cost you $937.” There’s a lot more economic news on this site, price of oil going up, etc., etc. Not good news for America and her citizens, unless you happen to be selling gold and oil, or buying US dollars.

America as I knew it growing up is gone, and I don’t think it’s coming back. My father was a WWII veteran, and most of my uncles were too. Daddy was a glider pilot and aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Force; three of mama’s brothers were in the Navy. They had to learn how to use weapons, the best America had to offer, to fight and win that war.

My brother served in the Navy too, stationed on an ammunition ship in the Mediterranean during Israel’s Six Days War. A Russian destroyer followed close behind them the whole time, defying the usual safety distance of a mile, the radius of destruction if the ship blew up. The weapons he used in that war were different – weapons of codes and communications, airwave, radiowave weapons. Effective.

Because of our family involvement in the defense of our nation, I have always been interested in American history and current affairs. Even as a young girl I followed government and politics, watching every televised political convention, listening to speeches and news on the radio, reading newspaper and magazine accounts and editorials.

Today I read news about global current events online, getting a broader view of political events from religious and secular sites, as well as “first-hand” accounts of some reporters and bloggers overseas.

AJILogoOf course, these days I read news – and opinions about the news – with a bias, reading between the lines and taking note of what is included, what is omitted.

How many Americans know (or believe) that there is a global spiritual war going on? How many think if we just elect somebody different, things will change for the better?

Better for some is defined as more money, more power, more influence. For some, better means more future security, or more free time to pamper ourselves, our spouses and our children.

Maybe America has gotten better in some of those respects since WWII, with a few ups and downs here and there. That’s what gives people the idea that it can still get better, despite the current economic and political conditions worldwide.

I doubt it. I think Matthew 24 was written for our times and it doesn’t predict better. Wars. Rumors of wars. Nations rising against nations. Famines. Diseases. Earthquakes.

So, “What, me worried?” No. I’m looking up, staying watchful. Not just accepting all the bad things as inevitable, however. I pray for specific people and for specific things to happen or to be prevented. As long as I’m still here, that’s one of my assignments as a believer in Christ.

But I don’t think the republic of America as our forefathers envisioned and instituted is going to survive unchanged, and I don’t think the change it is undergoing is for the better.

I think the spiritual battle is heating up, and if you don’t know how to use the weapons of this warfare, you’re going to get hurt.