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republicanelephant… there’s one more chance to become a delegate or alternate to the upcoming Florence County GOP Convention. This Saturday, March 21st, go to Horne’s Restaurant on South Irby Street at 9 AM, so your precinct can elect you. Most precincts have empty slots for one of those, and we would love to have them all filled!

The County GOP Convention will be Saturday, April 11th, 9 AM, at South Florence High School. Officers will be elected that day for the Florence County Republican Party for the next two years — Florence County Chairman, Executive Committeeman,  several Vice Chairmen —  also delegates and alternates to the State GOP Convention will be elected.

If you couldn’t get to your precinct reorganization meeting last Saturday but would still like to go to the county convention, then meet us this coming Saturday at Horne’s Restaurant, 9 AM.