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… is a must in politics.

Tip O’Neill was right, all politics is local.  And maybe he should have added, and local politics can be: (choose one or more) ___  mean, ___ dirty, ___ vicious, ___ work, ___deceitful, ___ a waste of time, ___ a starting point, ___ necessary, ___ a stepping stone to success at the polls, ___ the way to get your voice heard.

Add some more. There’s lots of options to choose from, and quite a few are true. Some years ago our 6th District US Congressman called me “Hitler,” and “a Nazi,” in a public meeting, from the platform. Why? Because I supported a conservative, pro-life candidate who was running against him.

Lately in Florence County, a number of people who want their voice to be heard in the GOP but have only volunteered for candidates in the past, have started attending local party meetings.

They wanted to have a choice in whose names go on the ballot, not just a choice of which name already on the ballot to choose on election day.

They found to their dismay and disgust that the local leadership didn’t want them. Didn’t welcome them joining in and expressing their views.  Didn’t want them speaking up, speaking out and pitching in to work. Didn’t want them sharing ideas. And sure didn’t want them inviting other folks to come too.

So we need to change that leadership.  To do that, we need other Florence County like-minded GOP voters to come to the Florence County GOP Precinct Reorganization Meetings this Saturday (March 14th) at 9 AM.

Most meetings will be at South Florence High School beginning at 9 AM. A few lower county precincts will meet at the City Fire Station down in Pamplico. If you’d like to be part of the process and need to know for sure which place to go on Saturday, email me, bettecox@bellsouth.net.

Every county in South Carolina has these precinct reorganization meetings this month, and if you live in some other South Carolina county besides Florence, check out http://www.scgop.com and look for the location in your county.

We’ll meet in little groups around the cafeteria tables, fill out some forms, elect precinct officers, and elect delegates to go to the Florence County Convention on Saturday morning April 11th. That April 11th convention is where the local leadership is elected for the  next two years!

If you want to make a difference, come Saturday!