Many times as I passed Carolina Collectibles on West Palmetto, I told myself – why don’t you stop and browse?

So last Saturday I did. And I loved it. It’s a large building, warehouse size, crammed full of furnitures, knick-knacks, dishes and silverware, jewelry, books, paintings, lamps – every shape and size and style and era, just about.

Some of the furniture looks antique (with price tags to match), but most of it is not old enough to be considered antique. Instead, it looks like my grandmother’s living room, or Aunt Myrtle’s. Or their kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. I kept seeing armoires, pie safes, overstuffed sofas, paintings, floor lamps, foot stools, dolls and ceramic figurines, old hard-backed novels, even old encyclopedias, plus a few contemporary paperbacks.  Bookcases full of old books. Plus old timey kitchen utensils –  you know the kind, dippers and serving spoons and wash pans.

It was like walking back in time to Rogers Brothers on North Dargan Street, or one of the used furniture warehouses that I browsed in as a young bride.

After I spent an hour peeking and looking and picking up and perusing, I introduced myself to the owner and asked if I could bring my camera and take some photos one day. I explained about writing the Family Memories columns, occasionally mentioning something in a story that I had no photo of. He said sure, any time.

So now when I drive past Carolina Collectibles, I’ll make a mental note to do that one day soon, take my charged-up camera with me and retrace my steps there.  I’ll take a notebook and pen too, so I can jot down a few notes as I trigger more memories and gather fresh ideas for stories as I go.