Now and then someone I haven’t seen lately will ask me that.  I explain in a few sentences, knowing that TMI will strike (too much information) if I add too much detail.  I like to ask that same question to other people, and if they “run on,” as we used to say, I soon have TMI overload myself.  Sometimes they ask other questions too –

Read any good books lately?  Yes.  Bill O’Reilly’s new book was a good one.

Seen any good movies?  Not at the theater.  I did watch The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit this morning while eating breakfast and reading the newspapers.  It was not great but not bad, and since I’d never seen it and it’s mentioned now and then in magazines, etc. – really sort of an icon – I thought I’d view that rather than the usual war news, politic news, economic news on TV first thing this morning.

Planning any more overseas trips?  Not right now, maybe in the future.  I’d really like to see Israel but that’s not a practical trip for me anytime soon.

I like to keep up with what other people are doing, so I ask them these same questions.  But when they’re not on the scene, one way to keep up is through Facebook.  Yes, even old fuddy-duddies like me have a Facebook account, and so do many friends and acquaintances from church, work, etc., etc.

Then there are other people’s blogs, sort of like this one.  There are a few I check on regularly to keep up with the OM Ships world.  Visit and look at the blogroll down the side and you’ll see some of them listed.  There are a lot more, some completely unrelated to anything I do, but interesting nevertheless.  I guess the urge to express opinions, likes and dislikes is easy to fulfill with a blog or two.

Oh well, it’s getting time for lunch.