Such lovely blustery sky

Such lovely blustery sky

I went to the Florence Museum yesterday to look at the exhibits in the new Art Competition. No, the photo here wasn’t among them… it’s one I took on a mountain top in Germany last January.  I just like it.

At the Museum, my brother Harold and nephew Jesse’s entries were selected for inclusion in the show, and I wanted to see them in relationship to everything else. There were several sculptures and a good many paintings, but most of the entries were photographs. There were a couple of other things I wouldn’t really call art, such as an old beat-up tricycle with a foot in place of one wheel, and a lovely pottery jar. One thing I really liked was a “bonsai” tree, except that it was all hand-made from wire wrapped tightly around and around the trunk and branches, which themselves had been fashioned from wire into a frame. It was remarkably detailed and exquisite, I thought.

I liked most of the paintings and photographs. Some were black and white, some were very large, some were quite colorful, and some were striking in their simplicity and talent. Stephen told me a little about each artist, and sometimes a little something about the media used in the particular piece. It’s so nice to have the curator be my nephew…

I especially enjoyed two large photos by the same person, one of trees in all the fall colors in a forest and the other reflections of it on water, but it looked like the water itself was burning. Stephen showed me around, and while I couldn’t quite picture the fire-on-water or water-on-fire as being a reflection of the fall foliage in the other photo, he said if they had been hung one under the other, I’d see it immediately. That made me wish he had hung them like that.

Stephen did an excellent job planning where to hang everything, considering the size, subject matter, colors, media, etc., etc. I asked if he ever switched them around but he said no, not after they were finally hung.

As soon as this show is finished around the middle of November, another one goes up. That one is all two-dimensional (no sculptures or odd-shaped peculiar stuff) miniatures. Paintings, sketches and photographs will be included, and that appeals to me. I told him I’d come take a look at the appropriate time, but I think I’ll ask how you go about submitting something. I’m looking at trees and flowers and buildings and people, even street signs and blades of grass with an eye toward composition… hmmm.