News from Harald Smit onboard Logos II:

Logos II, Trinidad, September 2008

Logos II, Trinidad, September 2008

It has been a few busy days, weeks, months I must say. With the ups and downs of possibly selling the ship locally or sailing across the Atlantic, we are now ready and scheduled to depart today (Wednesday 3 September). All the crew is here and fuel has been loaded as well as provisions.

A survey inspection still needs to be completed and the fun part is that one of my former colleagues is going to come and help us out with this. Some of the certificates have expired and need to be extended for the ship to be able to sail.

After a fairly “stretchy” time of not knowing exactly what was going to happen and if buyers – we’ve had 5 serious ones so far – were going to come through with the money, people on board are somewhat relieved that we are going somewhere. Gibraltar to be precise.

Not the final destination, but a place to stop for a few crew members to change and possibly get some additional fuel. Then of course we hope that a buyer has been found – there are several interested parties in the Mediterranean area – and we can go straight across to deliver the vessel. A demolition yard is what it is most likely going to be.

Hurricane season is raging even threatening South Carolina with one of its twists. Appreciate your prayers as always!!