Gasoline prices are keeping people ON the road between Florence and Murrells Inlet, I think.  Yesterday morning I left home about 9 AM and was glad I was going, not coming back!  There was a steady stream of cars in the opposite lane, nearly bumper-to-bumper.  The stream got closer together and slower as I entered Highway 501 just past Marion.  Check-out time at most motels is 11 AM and I guess these folks thought they’d beat the rush.  Wrong!  Everyone else seemed to have the same idea.

I stopped at Bo-Jangles in Aynor for a cup of coffee. I asked the already-tired-looking cashier if she had been busy, thinking about all the traffic going the other way.  She said that since she arrived at 4 AM there had been a steady stream, people coming and going both ways.  Her opinion (as is mine) was that with gas prices high, more people are vacationing in the state and at the beach, rather than traveling to other states, other beaches.

Several families with small children were having brunch, several of the parents talking to other parents.  I sat against a far wall, trying to avoid being trampled by energetic little feet running here and there.

On my way back home after lunch, the horrendous traffic was coming into the beach, in the opposite lane from me again.  I was extremely grateful, considering that it was worse this time than before.  Check-in time is usually 4 PM, and it was not yet 3 PM.  But from the outskirts of Conway all the way into Marion, traffic coming towards me and the beach was traveling most of the time at a snail’s pace.  Poor people.