The new X-Files movie was basically an elongated program from the television series, okay but not spectacular. I’m glad I went, just to satisfy my curiosity, and to anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’m recommend that they go.

Shelby and I saw Mama Mia yesterday, and it was funny. And the music was really good, especially if you like Abba, which I do. I don’t know when the last time was I saw a musical movie, but it’s been a looooonnnng time.

Some things struck me – again – at the theater. The preliminary stuff is loud. Too loud. TOO LOUD. TOO LOUD. Do they think you’re going to get up and “go to the kitchen for a snack” during the commercials?

That’s another thing.  They have commercials.  Among the previews (they call them trailers these days, denoting what I wonder?) are scattered actual commercials, just like on TV.  It makes you want to come late just so you don’t have to tolerate sappy sales pitches taking up time you already paid for.

At the X-Files movie, a fellow pushing popcorn and soft drinks, yes, actually pushing a food cart with popcorn and soft drinks, came into the theater while the previews were playing and called out, “Anyone want popcorn or coca-cola?” (No-one did.) That was a first! He didn’t show up for Mama Mia, I don’t know why, but I’d never seen that in a movie theater before. At outdoor concerts and ball games, but never inside a movie show.  Guess they weren’t selling much out in the concession stand, huh.

Oh well, so much for the summer movies.  Maybe later in the year some movie will prove to be as good as advertised, or even better.  I won’t hold my breath, though.