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X-Files new movie

X-Files new movie

When I was learning to read all those years ago, I picked up whatever reading material was laying around the house. That meant Readers Digests, the Florence Morning News, the Saturday Evening Post, the many Christian booklets my mom and dad subscribed to, and Amazing Stories – a small science fiction magazine similar in size to the Readers Digest. I didn’t understand all the words, but the story lines and the artwork kept me coming back to Amazing Stories every month. Mama and daddy didn’t mind. They were Christians, but they liked the plot lines, the science and fantasy combinations. In later years Ellery Queen and Nancy Drew mysteries were added to my literature collection, with occasional gift books such as Heidi, Treasure Island and King Arthur. Later Isaac Asimov’s novels found a home on my book shelves, where they remain to this day.

Although I have read more spy novels and murder mysteries over the years, science fiction has stuck with me. When the X-Files television program came on, I usually watched it. Sometimes the extreme yuckiness of the story had me flipping the channel, but those weren’t too frequent. I was sorry when the series ended, and now that there’s a movie being released this weekend, I’ll be in attendance.

Why do I like science fiction? I discovered way back in the 1960’s that the science fiction of the 40’s and 50’s had become the reality of the day. Inventions that were fantasy on my book shelf collection came into being in the pages of the daily newspaper. So who knows?