I read in an article the other day, “They stood under the canape to get out of the rain.”  Huh?  Surely it was a canopy.  A spellchecker mishap?  Or a really big canape…

I wrote a Letter to the Editor many years ago titled Words mean things.  Yes, they do.  So do sentences.  Does anybody care if the meaning is clear and plain anymore?

There’s one.  Meaning what?  Explain.

Nobody cares anymore, says one.  There’s one, says another.  One person does still care.

How many ways can you spell there’s?  “There’s” one.  “Theirs” is another.

Where is that waiter?  There’s one.

How many RSVP’s did we receive?  There’s one.

Just a few thoughts on the meaning of words and phrases and the amusement I find in occasional odd sentences.