T. C. CoxTim’s 19 year old nephew and namesake, Timothy Carrol – T.C. – Cox died today.  A rising college sophomore at USC, T.C. worked during school breaks at Drunken Jack’s restaurant at Murrells Inlet.  After getting off work last night, he and another young man were driving on a street near their home.  T.C. lost control of his car, the car left the road, flipped, and both boys were thrown out.  T.C. was killed, and his friend is in the hospital in pretty bad condition.

T.C. was born on January 19, 1989 while Tim was still in the hospital in Minnesota after his kidney/pancreas transplant.  It was such a joy to learn that his parents had named him Timothy in honor of my husband.

He was always such a loving, cheerful, helpful young man.  Even as a little boy he was full of laughter and hugs.  I can see him in heaven now with his granddaddy Theron and his Uncle Tim, surprised to be there so early in his life, but excited to learn everything he can learn, and do everything there is to do.  He is surrounded by loving, welcoming family, and I am sure he’s giving them the same big hugs he always gave Tim and me here on earth.