I enjoyed the latest Indiana Jones movie, despite the fact that it had a slightly peculiar, different type of sci-fi thread running through it. Anything Harrison Ford stars in is okay with me, and several of his older non-Indy movies have been playing on TV lately.  I especially liked the touch of romance and the way it turned out in the end.  If you haven’t seen it, I think you should.  Ignore some of the critics.

X-Files PilorNow I’m looking forward to the next X-Files movie scheduled to come out in July. Now, there’s real true-blue science fiction and fantasy for you. I don’t think I missed very many of the television episodes, although there were a few I didn’t like and wished afterward I had missed!

When I wake up early enough (lately my little gray fuzz ball has been meowing me awake at 5 AM), I watch old, old re-runs of the original Star Trek on TV Land.

Compared to the later versions, they are a bit hokey with thread-bare plots.  Still, I could probably watch the Trouble with Tribbles once a year and still get a kick out of it.

I love the Voyager series (playing now; I watch one or two a week when I can) for the technology, the music, the plots and sub-plots, and the relationship stories that flesh out the characters. I like all of the Star Trek series, actually, and wouldn’t mind seeing every episode of all of them again. Deep Space 9 had some of the funniest characters and episodes. They would be very entertaining to see again this summer, when so few of my favorites are in re-re-runs!