Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesNow that I’ve watched ALL the Star War movies, one or two of them several times lately on Spike TV, I’m ready for the new Indiana Jones movie. Some afternoons when I’m home early enough, I watch the Star Trek Voyager programs, and this week it re-started from the very beginning of that series. I had watched this particular Star Trek in the past, but missed more than I had caught, so it was great to see these new-to-me programs. Now that it’s starting over, I realize I had never seen the beginning programs and now I can look forward to those, too.

You can watch re-runs just so long and on just so many channels, before you understand why reading still appeals to people. It sure does to me. And the new television programs that are the most popular don’t appeal to me much. Reality shows. Real? Give me a break. There’s nothing real about any of those I’ve seen bits of. I did like the dancing on the first season of that, but enough already.

Unfortunately I’m running out of old books to re-read, just like running out of old TV shows to re-watch. Once in a while I treat myself to a trip down to Books-A-Million or Barnes & Nobles to browse through the paperbacks for a murder mystery I have yet to read. Martha Grimes, hurry up and write a few dozen more! I like a touch of humor with my who-done-its…

Back to Indiana Jones – It will be nice indeed to see a brand new Indy show, even though he’s getting up there in age. They say he did all his own stunts in this one just like he did in the other ones, which is a kick. After all, he and I are nearly the same age! He’s 65!

Harrison Ford trivia – from Wikipedia –

Following on his success portraying the archaeologist Indiana Jones in four films, Ford also plays a part in supporting the work of professional archaeologists. He serves as a General Trustee[18] on the Governing Board of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), North America’s oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. Ford assists them in their mission of increasing public awareness of archaeology and preventing looting and the illegal antiquities trade.