Myanmar Cyclone DamageHave you noticed all the disasters happening recently?

The cyclone that has struck Myanmar (Burma) is at the top of the news this week.  Here’s a photo of one area that our office received.

While others were trying to leave the country, one group of workers opted to stay and lend a hand in any way they could.  Electricity was out (and still is) so the team cranked up an old generator in order to pump water from their well, which they are now providing to their desperate neighborhood.

Food, water, shelter, medical care, every possible kind of aid is needed throughout the country, especially in the areas near the coast that took the brunt of the storm.  Many relief organizations from across the world are trying to respond to these needs, and as they struggle to do so, we need to add our prayers that relief supplies will quickly get through to the people who need it so desperately.  Otherwise, another major disaster of sickness and disease will strike this devastated country.