The last two weekends I began watching the Star Wars movies again, this time on television. I missed the very first one chronologically (Phantom Menace), but it will be re-run this coming weekend so I’ll try to catch it then.

I had forgotten some parts of the story, had never seen the “prequels” at all, and since I’m a huge science fiction fan I pulled my recliner closer to the TV in the living room, prepared coffee and snacks and enjoyed myself. I had actually never seen the very last, wind-up-everything movie, and that was a blast.

Thinking back to all the hoopla when Star Wars originally came out, I realize that some people will still think it’s disgraceful for a Christian to be a Star Wars fan. But my parents were believers, yet they loved science fiction (especially my mother) and collected monthly Amazing magazines, Isaac Asimov novels and just about every other one published back in my childhood days – 1940’s, 50’s. I still have most of their collection. Occasionally I will pull one out, flip through those musty pages, and find yet another piece of science fiction that has now become scientific fact.

Which brings me to the Star Wars (and Star Trek) saga. As I have studied what scripture has to say about heaven and the future of the earth this past year, I have become convinced that technology will be advanced, space travel will be common, and who knows – there may be a Jabba the Hut out there somewhere. Eternity is a long time. Space is vast. Galaxies are numerous, too numerous to count. Exploration is exciting and inevitable simply because human beings were created by God with a curiosity gene.

Then too, other dimensions and inhabitants of those dimensions are possible, even probable. At least for 1000 years after the return of Jesus to this planet, there will still be an enemy out to get us. (You’re not paranoid if they really ARE out to get you…) Human beings will rule and reign with Christ on this earth during those 1000 years, and with glorified bodies, abilities and thinking processes, and Jesus directing our activities, our future may well contain some Star Wars-type features.

It’s a thought.