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Hurricane Hugo damage


A friend asked me that question recently, and I thought a moment before answering.

Define safe. Do you mean free from worry? Free from anxiety? Free from danger? Free from opposition? Free from controversy? Free from disease? Free from accidents? Free from stress?

The answer is No. It’s not safe, if that’s how you define safe. It’s not safe to live in Florence, SC, USA, to cross the street where a crazy driver talking on a cell phone may mow you down, or to drive to the grocery store where the same crazy driver may sideswipe your car in the parking lot. It’s not safe to attend public meetings where people with flu symptoms who should have stayed home come out anyway and sneeze or cough all over you. It’s not safe to visit the hospital where vicious bacteria and viruses abide. It’s not safe to go to the county or federal courthouses – if it was, they wouldn’t make you go through metal detectors to get into the buildings.

It’s not safe to travel by bus, train, or plane – especially by plane where cross-winds may nearly blow you off the runway when attempting to land!

It’s not safe to be a missionary in a world where fanatics hate Christians, where terrorists hate Americans, where people blow themselves and others up in the name of religion, where there may not be a vaccine for every exotic disease, where typhoons, earthquakes, volcanos, or tsunamis happen.

So the answer is No, it’s not safe to work with OM or OM Ships. But it’s not safe to live on planet earth either. (Both the above images were taken right here in the USA, the hurricane one in Garden City, SC.)

Next question?