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Bette in MosbachI took dozens of photos of places and people while in Germany, and asked a couple of folks to take snapshots of me also. The first one was standing on a hilltop near Mosbach surrounded by a wonderful view. Ken Miller and his family were taking me on a driving tour of the area around the little valley where Mosbach is located, and we stopped for a few minutes at this lovely picnic spot.

Bette on Logos HopeThe next photo was taken in the dining room of the Logos Hope, OM Ships’ newest sailing ship.  I spent most of my week here in this spot with my sprained ankle resting on an adjacent chair.

News stories and longer articles will be included on my regular website (www.BetteCox.com), both my blogs, and on www. omships.org/carolina.  I had the privilege of interviewing and chatting with folks from around the world during this trip, some of whom have volunteered off and on with OM and OM Ships for fifty year!  Their stories are well worth recording (my part) and reading (your part).