The Mill OM HQ in Mosbach
This is the place I’m going to in Germany for the GO Conference (Jan. 15-26) — a training conference for all new recruits to Operation Mobilisation. I’ll be staying in the Mill, where OM Ships HQ offices are located and where the meetings will be held. Pat and Terry Brown from Florence will also be attending. I’ll get to meet a lot of the “names”I’ve been reading, talk to new people and take lots of photos.

The photo below is the ship, Logos Hope, where I’ll be visiting the next week. About 80 or so new OM recruits will arrive the same day so it will be a busy week! I hope to be able to observe some of their on-board training, do a few interviews, wander around and take many more pictures. I should be returning home on Feb. 2nd, barring any cancelled or delayed flights. Pray for me, that all goes well with travel, luggage, etc.!

Logos Hope in Kiel