My brother Harold Motte and I exchanged gifts a few days before Christmas. Here he is relaxing beside their tree.

Bette’s Brother Harold Motte Harold and Mary Lois’ Christmas Tree

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my daughter Shelby’s home in Mullins.

Shelby and Terry’s Christmas Tree Bette, Christmas Eve at Shelby and Terry’s

She bought special jingle bell collars for the three dogs, Scooter, Buster and Molly. They seemed to enjoy the collars!

Jingle Dogs, playing Jingle Dog, posing for picture

Terry’s family came over for an hour or so of sharing delicious holiday food and catching up on news, followed by gift exchanges.

Gift-Opening Time Shelby’s Living Room
Bette’s daughter Shelby Jenerette Shelby, Molly and Terry
Bette, son-in-law Terry and his mom Drunella Shelby and Terry’s house in Mullins

This year I didn’t drive to Murrells Inlet to spend Christmas Day with Tim’s brother Bryan and family, since Ora Lee wasn’t able to attend.

Early Christmas day Dale moved her from Bethea back to the Third Loop condominium that she and Theron had lived in and where Dale and his son Jon now live. I visited her after lunch on Christmas Day and she was trying to get settled in and adjusted, which will take a while.

All in all the holidays weren’t the best or the worst, and when we remember what – and Who – it’s supposed to be about in the first place, that helps a lot.