Anchor and Team Members

This is a very special weekend for the OM Ships Florence office. This weekend celebrates the official opening of the Florence office, which is the Partner Ministries office for the ship. They are the ones who raise the money to keep the gas in the ships to keep the ships floating! This weekend people from several countries will be here to help celebrate, alumni from the ships, OM Ships personnel from Germany and England. We hope to welcome lots of local people from across the Pee Dee to meet the team, tour the office, get their questions answered, and consider helping us spread the Gospel across the world by way of the ships.

I’m wandering around with my camera, taking before, between, during, and after pictures. I’ll add pictures of the weekend to this article when it’s all over, but right now I’m including the one of all the team members plus a couple of volunteers gathered around the anchor last week. Pretty impressive! (I’m 4th from the left, in the flowered shirt.)

A great deal of work has taken place in the last few weeks to get ready for this weekend, with local volunteers helping create new office space, donations of time, money and labor to spruce up the driveway and parking areas, as well as receiving an ANCHOR! donated by a company in Florida. A Florence company sandblasted and repainted the anchor and another Florence company donated materials and labor to create and install a base for the anchor.

Then too, a dedication wall plaque was created and installed for the veranda to match the original dedication one on the opposite wall. The garden bench in the front was engraved with a message of appreciation. Flowers, landscaping, so very many things have been donated or done to get ready for this day.

The 90+ degree weather finally broke last night, and the rest of the weekend should be quite pleasant, highs in the 70’s or low 80’s. That is ideal, since so many things will be outside. The official dedication dinner will take place in a huge tent outside Saturday evening, and cooler weather will be a definite plus.

I’m writing this on Friday morning, while many people are busy setting up tables, putting up displays of books and literature, preparing tea and lemonade, getting ready for Open House at 1:00 PM. I’m supposedly in charge of that, but everybody is taking part in it.

My press release to the Morning News was printed in a prominent place this morning, to my relief. There was one Wednesday morning in the News Journal so hopefully lots of local people now know about today’s Open House. Even though it’s a work day and school day, alumni will be coming in and we’d like for some local citizens to come and meet them.