Logos II and DoulosRomans 10:15 asks a thought-provoking question: How they shall preach unless they are sent?

Well, lots of people preach without being sent. Or they send themselves, which is pretty much the same thing. No church group or denomination sends them; endorses their credentials and gives them a seal of approval; commits to pray and support them materially; receives them back again with reports of accomplishments or needs.

The New Testament pattern, however, is sending. Of course, not everyone who is sent is called to preach the way we define it – we see a preacher as someone on a platform standing behind a pulpit. But preaching really means proclaiming, declaring what God says in his word, the Bible, about His will, His pattern for living, His punishment for failure, His provision for rescue.

Lots of proclaiming goes on that we don’t immediately recognize as preaching. Music, drama, listening to cries for help, rebuilding homes, hugging a child, teaching basic classes, distributing food, digging a well, all offered in the name and love of Jesus with a brief explanation of why this is being done – all those are proclaiming, too.

And so is writing up interviews, accounts of God’s work in the practical world, pointing out the miracles of connections, the examples of Godliness, the displays of His handiwork in the faces of people helping and receiving help. That’s what I have been doing as long as I could hold a pencil.

And as I have been sent by churches in the past, so I am being sent again, not to preach and teach Bible classes this time, but to observe, listen, ask questions, learn, and write.

From August 15 to 28th I will be on board the OM Ship Logos II doing those kinds of things. I’ve been sent to other towns in South Carolina and as far away as Florida in the past, but never to Iceland, which is where the ship will be. Being sent is always exciting, if you go where God sends you, but it’s really that He is going there and just invites you to go along… This will be an adventure for me!