Stephen Motte

My nephew Stephen Motte has 18 of his original artworks on display in a solo show at the Florence Museum from July 2 through August 29, 2007. The piece displayed in this photo is titled “Reverse Forward Reverse,” a work in graphite on paper.

Reverse Forward Reverse

As I looked at it, at first I was puzzled, then a bit intrigued. Pencil marks? Strands of hair, maybe? I examined all the other pieces but I came back to this one, stood and stared, and gave it some thought.

The topmost panel shows flowing movement in two streams, forward and reverse. Double-mindedness… Indecision. The center panel, however, shows strands beginning to turn, flowing together. Going the same direction. Progress.

The lower panel, however, shows no movement. A standstill. If you’re standing still, you’re being carried backwards. Reverse. An apt description of life, I thought.

I invested in this piece and look forward to hanging it in my office after the show. Thank you, Stephen.