Three things have required me to read and learn a lot in the last two months or so. How to research, write, compose, and publish a local newsletter for the OM Ships Partner Ministries office was the first, and the first issue of Carolina Connection was published the middle of June. The second one will go out in another week or so.

The second was to learn how to use the software and add local pages to the worldwide OM Ships website. That took a bit more concentration, but the first pages are up and ready to peruse, with news and prayer items being added weekly. There’s a link on the welcome page to the first newsletter, actually: Carolina Connection pages of OM Ships website.

The third was a different type of program, an e-mail update program that resides on the internet itself. It was much easier to learn how to use, although thinking of news items for weekly updates takes some thought.

The content of all of these, newsletter, web pages and emails, are items of local interest (meaning North and South Carolina, mostly) that have to do with the OM Ships Partner Ministries office. Of course, that certainly includes information about the ships themselves, since so many people hereabouts aren’t familiar with them.

Slowly I’ve been closing out Executive Services, Inc. after twenty-two years.  I still do some medical transcription and probably will for a while, plus a small amount of general typing for customers I’ve known a long time.  No walk-in work, though.  No new clients.

It’s been an odd transition, working as a volunteer in a missions office where our director is not in the country right now. Everyone has a different sphere of work and is pretty much responsible for his or her own assigned tasks.

Over the next few weeks some construction will be going on inside the building as some space is converted into offices — more people will be arriving to work in the Florence office and there is nowhere to put a desk for them yet.  We may all be brandishing paint brushes for a few days, who knows.