One of Tim’s classmates, James Hugh (better known as Hubie) McCutchen, died Sunday a week ago.  He and his wife were at the beach when he had a cerebral hemorrhage.  He died later that same day.

Then on Thursday, another classmate, Anne Marie Carson Martin, who lived in Leesville above Columbia, died from cancer.  The KHS64 class sent flowers for both funerals, and about 20 made it to Hubie’s service.  Only Jane Richardson was able to go to Anne Marie’s service.

Sunday night I got a phone call from Ed Tanner, Tim’s cousin, saying that he’d just learned of a death in the family – Frank Sieveno had died Sunday.  Frank was married to one of Tim’s cousins, Aline, who died several years ago.  He was several years younger than Ora Lee, actually.  Aline’s mother and Ora Lee were half-sisters.  Aline’s mom was a lot older than Ora Lee,  being in the “first” Tanner family, and over the years Aline and Ora Lee were more like sisters themselves.

Frank had been living in Sumter with Mary (his daughter) and Rich Wagner, in poor health for quite a while, and then developing cancer.

He was a fairly quiet man when I was around him, except that he loved playing the organ.  Reading his obituary gave me a much greater appreciation for his life; he was ex-military, flying planes during WWII in the Army Air Force.  I don’t know why I never knew that while he was alive and I could have talked to him about that.  Since my own daddy was also in the Army Air Force in WWII, I could have thought up lots of questions for Frank.  I’m sorry I didn’t do it.  I did know that Frank and Aline ran the office for Captain Dick’s Marina inMurrells Inlet, but that’s about all I knew.

But Frank and Aline are re-united now, and I can just see Frank sitting down at a heavenly organ and playing to his heart’s content — once he’s visited everybody he wants to see, taken a tour around, etc.