I’ve had a wonderful time learning new things the past few weeks. New software is my current chore… but I’ve had to learn how to use new software frequently in the past, that’s not too big a problem.

It is interesting, however, that this particular software drives the OM Ships website, and to see how something looks I have to put it out there “live” and take a look. No real preview menu that I’ve been able to find…

So I’m being a bit more careful with poofreading — oops — proofreading.

I’m also reading everything I can find about the various aspects of the ships ministry, the port visits, the behind-the-scenes work, the people aboard ship, the visitors to the ships, everything. There’s a lot!

This week I read two interesting news articles about the upcoming visit of the Logos II to English port cities. One is purely secular in its viewpoint and never mentions Christianity, Christian literature or evangelism. The other does mention all that. Click to read them.



I don’t think I’m going to run out of background material as I write newsletter articles, local website pages or e-mail updates!  The first newsletter is almost ready to mail, and within another week or so the first local “Carolina” website pages will be ready to go live.