I came home from the SC Republican Party Convention this afternoon and checked my e-mail. There was a Zogby poll for me to complete, the second this month which is more than normal.

I signed up to be a pollster several years ago, and the poll topics usually range from buying habits of household products to healthcare.  Today the topic was Presidential politics. Who did I think was best at management, or best at uniting the nation, or best at representing the USA to the world.  That sort of question.

But a strange name appeared in the list of announced candidates for President from the two mainline parties: our South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford.

Why was his name on the list, I wondered? Could it be because although my name doesn’t appear on my answers anywhere, my state does? Hmmmmm.  (He is NOT a candidate for President, according to him, and I believe him. I think he has better sense at this point in his career.)

I had a real problem with the Zogby poll a year or so ago when one of their questions was an obvious push poll question. It listed no choice among the suggested responses that answered the question legitimately for me, and there was no “Other” choice either.

Further, you had to select one of the bogus choices to progress to the next question or exit the poll altogether, which then wouldn’t count.

I chose the least objectionable answer and then emailed the Zogby people with my low opinion of their fraudulent poll question.  I added that finding this bogus question among what seemed like legitimate questions had substantially lowered my opinion of the Zogby company overall.

I got no response of any kind. I don’t think I actually expected one but it would have been nice.

For the next several months I just deleted their polls without opening them.

This year with presidential politics going full speed ahead, I decided to give them another try.  Until today I had felt a little better about their questions and multiple-choice answers. Now I’m back to wondering just what they are thinking.

Do they think I can live in this state and be unaware that Mark Sanford is my Governor?  Perhaps are they trying to suggest that Mark is a stealth candidate. Or maybe they are trying to persuade him or someone else that he’d be a good Veep pick…

I’d like to poll the pollsters and give them a multiple-choice question of my own:

What is the purpose of your so-called polling?

a. None, I just think it’s fun to run people around in circles

b. I want to direct people’s thinking in the way I want it to go

c. If enough people answer these things I can make a living off of them

d. Who knows and who cares, the media just eat this stuff up

e. You don’t think this polling stuff is for real, do you