Monday I started volunteer work at the OM Ships Partners Office which moved to Florence last summer. To get an idea of how “green” I feel, check out the OM Ships website –

I first heard of Operation Mobilisation over twenty years ago when the daughter of a friend of Tim’s served aboard one of the ships for several years. This is a worldwide, interdenominational missions organization celebrating its 50th year in 2007.

So far I have been meeting people and thinking, reading books, newsletters and websites and thinking, asking questions and listening and thinking, praying and meditating and thinking.

Next week I will start interviewing other OM Ships volunteers. Who are these mission-minded folks? How did they learn about OM and OM Ships? When did they “come aboard?” (though many work on land). What is their area of work?

After that I will start writing for a new local OM Ships newsletter, website and email updates.

Doulos and Logos II

Later this year I hope to visit the newest OM ship, the Logos Hope, currently being prepared in a Croatian shipyard. This will be an exciting addition to the ministry!

MV Logos Hope

Logos Hope
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