Sitting at my computer this afternoon reading e-mail, news, googling stuff, and thinking about what to write for what (newspaper, blogs, my own use), I hear little sounds that make me think for a split second that Tim is there at his desk like always.

His office is down the hall from mine, around the corner and through the living room, in what was designed as the sun room here at our condo. His chair squeaked occasionally when he moved, and when he turned over a tape in his talking book machine it made a little click that I could hear. And of course the sound of his voice as he talked on the telephone was sort of a murmuring in the background, a constant in my life, like Tim’s love for me. He cherished me. Nobody else except the Lord has ever done that, and Tim did it so very well.

I smile, then realize that he’s actually not physically at his desk, he’s somewhere else quite different. He’s skiing on snow or water, skating on pavement or ice, sailing or cruising on lake or ocean, singing with one of the choirs in a heavenly rehearsal room, worshiping the Father in one of heaven’s majestic cathedrals or in even in the Throne Room itself, or perhaps sitting with Jesus and a group of disciples on a hillside, learning the Word and doing it. Or he’s being instructed and practicing with some of his new capabilities, abilities he will need when he returns with Jesus to the earth.

But little sounds bring him back here to me now and then, those little creaking-chair, clicking-machine sounds, and the Lord is letting me know I’m not really alone here. To the world it might look like it, but Tim, Jesus and I know better. Heaven is not far away; it’s another dimension that is invisible to me, but I believe it’s very close indeed.

The days left to us in this age are getting fewer, the Lord seems to tell me. Tim and the other believers in heaven are preparing for the time they return with Jesus to the earth. Sometimes I think many of us still on earth, still unchanged, we’re so complacent that we’re like the frog in the pot of cold water: the water is being heated up and we don’t even know we’re being cooked.

The earth will be drastically changed before the millennium reign of Jesus begins, devastated and destroyed and in need of a great deal of repair and restoring. There will be many unchanged and unsaved people still alive here on this planet, in desperate need. The believers in heaven are even now preparing for that thousand years of work, but we who are still here, what are we doing to prepare?

Lord, help me be more aware and more obedient. Aware of what I should be doing to prepare for those days, who I should speak a word to, encourage, inspire, instruct, intercede for!