Starting laundry, preparing breakfast, watching (listening) to the TV news, reading the final chapter of Dr. Dobson’s newest version of “Dare to Discipline” so I can give it to my stepdaughter this afternoon, petting one or both cats, gathering trash, never leaving a room without taking something to put up, etc., etc. — did I mention folding the finished laundry, eating the breakfast standing up so I can read the last of the newspaper without a kitty in my lap, AND answering the phone?  Twice?

And all this while praying, praising, thanking and appreciating the Lord, listening to His voice as He gives me instructions for the day,  either things to do, things to say, or things to pray.  Hmmmm.  It promises to be a busy Good Friday.

Now, over to the piano to continue learning the music for the Easter choir, my first practice with them is tomorrow.  I’m “pinch hitting” for the regular choir pianist who is ill.  Father, this will take a real miracle!